How to Train Your Intuitive Muscles
and Strengthen Your Spiritual Gifts

Many spiritual seekers suffer from the idea that once you open up your intuition and have achieved some level of spirituality that they’ve arrived at a destination.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no destination when it comes to leveling up and opening your spiritual gifts. When you have a growth mindset, you realize that a new level appears every time you take the next step up the staircase of progression. 

In fact, when it comes to spiritual growth, here's the biggest hurdle that most people face right now.

It's that they might lose themselves in the higher realms if they’re not anchored in God’s truths. 

But that's not the end of the problem.

It actually gets worse.


Because they might fall into an ego trap that they’re “all knowing” when it comes to spirituality.  This has its consequences and can cause harm to themselves and others.  

Another trap is that they can stumble upon spiritual teachings that mimic, overcomplicate or skew the teachings of God in deceptive ways. Not all methods are 100% light and can cause harm when they are at a lower frequency than you! They could also completely dismiss Him or not give Him credit as the Source. Some may also try to fit God into methods and modalities that are not grounded and centered in Him. 

What if you’re learning from a spiritual teacher that is in one of these traps? When people face a plateau of spiritual learning, most of them don’t know it! You may have seen some of them online...

  • They somehow place themselves above others (it really should be about service to humanity).
  • They make intuition and spiritual gifts mystical or prideful (we all are capable of having them and strengthening them).
  • They set themselves up as a guru or “light” because they “know it all”. They have “one-thing” or “one-answer,” but are often deceived by the chatty realm or their own service-to-self agenda. (The truth is, the mysteries of God are infinite and he is the true Source of the answers that will most benefit you).
  • They may claim they speak to a dead celebrity or are besties with famous figures on the other side of the veil. (What they might not know is they dialed up a spiritual 900 number and they think they’re talking to a sexy lady, but it’s actually the equivalent of a 400 pound man.) Deception can happen anytime if there aren’t checkpoints in place.
  • They preach about authenticity, but there’s something “off” or “misaligned” when they talk about it. It’s a vibe you get from them. Maybe they are preaching they’ve already arrived at authenticity. (The truth is, it's a regular daily “workout” to get into alignment with your true self and continue to strengthen your intuitive muscles).
  • They don’t honor agency and overstep boundaries. (Some inexperienced spiritual teachers can actually cause harm because they do things energetically without permission of others or they’re irresponsible in managing their energy and it can bleed onto others. This also applies to personal and business development coaches offering unsolicited advice, criticism and ideas).
  • There might be a huge emphasis on feminine energy, instead of valuing masculine energy too. (In fact, when we tap into our own unique divine balance of feminine and masculine energies, our energy and personal power skyrockets).

Let's ask you a question:

How do you discern what’s best for you?

You must train your intuitive muscles and strengthen your spiritual gifts, so you can be your own guru,anchored in God’s truths—instead of giving your power away to other gurus (whether they’re spiritual, personal development or business gurus).

Your intuition is like a muscle that must be exercised and stretched in order to increase its capacity to receive spiritual gifts and reach higher levels of discernment. The spiritual battlefield is real. Outright lies, deceptive truths, partial truths and hidden truths are all around us. 

Truth is not relative, as many people would have you believe.

God’s truth is unchangeable. The question becomes: How do you find God’s truth for your life, tap into your true divine identity, claim your spiritual gifts and fulfill your soul purpose? How do you get your Soul into alignment with God's truth?

Joining The Intuition Gym can help, so you can learn to do these things for yourself and reach new heights of spiritual strength. 

Just like a real gym, you can perform exercises that suit your intuitive strength level. 

You can try out different stations and different workouts and mix and match them to suit right where you are now—and level up when you’re ready. 

Who’s at The Intuition Gym?  

Similar to a physical gym, you’ll find the weekend warriors, the beginners, the gym rats, and the body builders. One thing’s for certain, we’re not taking gym selfies—no room for ego or comparisonitis here!  Each person is at a different point of their spiritual journey and so we’re all supportive of each other, regardless of where we are on our journey.

There will be mirrors… plenty of mirrors (the metaphorical kind). This way, you can check your form and make sure you’re doing the exercises in the most helpful way. You’ll also have your peers and trainers to help you see your blind spots. 

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll also learn exercises to help you integrate your intuition into your business and marketing. 

Meet Your Trainers

Here’s some of what you’ll enjoy at The Intuition Gym:

  • A New Member Orientation to help you set your intention, discover your Intuitive Type, obtain an intuitive “health assessment,” general workout guidance and the rules of the gym.
  • The metaphorical equivalents to cardio, strength training and stretching areas with help in choosing the right intuitive exercises and intensity levels— to build up your intuitive muscles and stretch you to the next level!
  • Group Trainings to help you accelerate your progress and avoid the pitfalls along the way.
  • Peer-to-peer connection in the Gym Lounge, our group forum.
  • The tools or “mirrors” to help you with self-discovery.
  • Q&A Calls, Live Intuitive Readings and more!
What Others Say About Working with Martina Muir
  • “Learning from Martina Muir is like having somebody casually hand you the key to unlock the door to the universe! I am always blown away at the quality AND quantity of her content. She is the most genuine and loving teacher; who gives everything she has to offer. I'm always left inspired and ready to learn more. Truly always an honor to be a part of something Martina teaches and is!”
    - Shalie Ogden
  • Working on intuition with Martina’s help, I am able to see some blind spots in my approach to relationships, and how my gifts in some instances were getting in the way. This realization has helped me to make some needed adjustments and improve those relationships.”
    - James Moore
  • “I just want you to know I have been BLOWN away by your intuition teachings, truly Martina. I've been doing this work, and dabbling in everything for years and I have gotten more out of you than I have anywhere!
    - Ashley Francom
What Others Say About Working with Christie Turley
  • “I found working with Christie helped me gain a lot of clarity around that, which has since helped me with everything that I do, because it's a bit of a lens and a filter that I view everything through. Christie helped me work through all of the really important deep thinking and it has changed everything the way that I approach the entire business and brand.”
    - Julie Ann Cairns, Hay House bestselling author of The Abundance Code and director of the movie of the same name as featured on
  • "When I worked with Christie, she actually listened to what I needed and she was willing to get into the nuts and bolts, instead of giving me a to do list. She got right in there with me and my business. It made such a difference. It was a turning point for me. I have faith that there were good coaches out there. But when you work with Christie Turley, you have worked with the best.And she will give you what you need. Your life will change, your business will change. And you will be a better entrepreneur and business owner for working with Christie Turley."
    - Marcia Ramsland, Author & Speaker

We created The Intuition Gym to show you how to:

  • Train your intuitive muscles
  • Strengthen your spiritual gifts
  • Become your own guru
  • Discern truth from partial truth and identify the sources of influence
  • Claim your divine identity and God-given gifts
  • ..and integrate it all into your life, business and purpose

When you join The Intuition Gym, it makes it simple for you to:

... and much, MUCH more!

In this membership, you’ll receive:

  • Workouts & Videos Plan, plus a progress tracker.
  • Peer-to-peer connection in the Gym Lounge, our group forum.
  • Q & A Calls
  • Group Intuitive Calls
  • Quantum Weather & Navigation Reports Readings (what’s going on in the world energetically).
  • Transcripts of all Recordings.
  • All Foundational Masterclass Trainings & Transcripts
  • Library Access to Workout Plans, Video Trainings, Call Recordings, Transcripts and Notes

And what makes this even better? BONUSES!

BONUS (Value $297): Intuition Masterclass Video Training including topics like:

  • How Personality Influences Intuitive Type
  • Identifying Your Intuitive Type and "The Clairs"
  • Muscle Testing & Intuitive Tests
  • Seeking, Discovering and Receiving Gifts
  • How to Share Your Gifts
  • Discernment and Dealing with the Unknown
  • Finding Your Purpose and Motivations
  • Uncovering What Motivates You and What You Value (over all else)

BONUS (VALUE $77): Powerful Empath Video Training including topics like:

  • What is Your Empath Type?
  • The Top 10 Pitfalls for an Empath Overcoming Blocks & Challenges

BONUS (Value $77): The “Navigating an Awakening” Video Training that can help you navigate both the joy and challenges of an awakening.

Receive these EXTRA Bonuses for Members Joining the CROWN Level:

BONUS (Value $20): Christie Turley's newly released book, The Intuition-Led Business: Navigating Business in Uncharted Waters.

BONUS (Value $20): Martina Muir's forthcoming book, Divine Emergence: Call Forth Your Soul Identity and Claim Your Purpose, when it launches late 2020.

PLUS 6 Other Exclusive Bonuses for Crown Members worth over $600!

Keep reading for details below...

So again, consider this:

  • What do you think you can achieve if you have full access to your God-given spiritual power to discern the best choices for your personal and professional life?
  • What’s possible if you can align your thoughts and actions with your desires and manifest outcomes in your life more quickly and smoothly?
  • What if you can strengthen your intuition in a way that can take your career and life to new levels?
  • What if you can identify the subconscious beliefs and traumas that are causing you to feel stuck or unable to reach the next level of your life?
  • What if you can tap into your divine potential and purpose and place your life, relationships, finances and/or business on a whole new trajectory?
  • What peace of mind will you have knowing you are hearing and following God’s instructions for your life so you can make choices more confidently and faithfully?

We know you’ll be delighted with The Intuition Gym. And if for some reason you’re not delighted with it, then you can cancel anytime.

The choice is yours.

So you have a choice…
you can either keep deferring to others, giving your power away, and facing each new day with uncertainty…
or you can perform at your peak and find ultimate joy in your life...


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