How to Create Impact with Your Revolutionary Message

Why are some entrepreneurs creating real impact, while others are spinning wheels chasing customers?

Why are some entrepreneurs able to focus and run their sales & marketing efficiently while others are still struggling with learning and doing 100 different things on their own in an ever-changing business landscape?

Why are some entrepreneurs gaining momentum and reaching their business goals while others are facing burnout, plateauing, bouncing all over the place and can’t find the way to TRULY move the needle in their business?

Why are some entrepreneurs collapsing time and accelerating results while others are ‘hustling’ and ‘grinding’ to get to the next level?

Many gurus out there are selling programs and training that help you “scale” to 6- or 7-figures. Contrary to what you may have heard, scaling isn’t the same thing as growth— and vice versa. Also, creating income is not the same as creating impact. As ReSOULutionists, we place purpose before profits because we know that it leads to creating meaningful impact, even higher profits and happier employees and customers.

Most people are fixated on chasing the top line number— the 7-figure or the 8-figure number.

The sad truth is that the bottom line number is the one most people don’t want to share because it never sounds as thrilling as the top line number.

We have known countless “7-figure” businesses that were barely netting $100K-300K. We’ve seen people bragging about an 8-figure brand they’ve built into an international empire, only to find out that they are negative $60k in cash flow each month and desperate to find an investor or buyer to help them dig themselves out of the hole.

Growth implies growing the top line number, but most times, entrepreneurs are also growing the expenses. This is not the same thing as scaling. It’s the exact opposite. Scaling implies your top line number is growing, but your expenses are not growing at the same rate.

Scaling isn’t always as simple as people sometimes make it seem.

It comes with its challenges. There is no single roadmap to success.

  • You might be facing your next level, but feeling unclear about what “that” is and how to get “there”.
  • You may have plateaued either financially or in terms of your availability and time—and there’s no way you want to “hustle” and work even harder to get there, and feel even more guilty for not spending enough time on your important personal relationships.
  • You may have a team, but are feeling exhausted with what’s required to lead that team and help them to become proactive and work without your involvement and prodding.
  • Or, you may be feeling overwhelmed wearing multiple hats in your business and are ready to start delegating your tasks and projects, but you’re unsure about how.
  • Or, maybe you’ve failed miserably at that in the past.
  • You might feel a general lack of direction in your business— maybe you have momentum and consistent customers coming in, but you need a solid plan to execute and reach your goals and streamline your business, without bouncing all over the place.
  • Maybe you’ve been in business for a while and feel you’re supposed to be the “expert” and are too afraid to ask for help.
  • Or maybe you are great at helping others, but you’re just too close to your own business to see it clearly and find solutions.

This membership will serve as a tremendous resource for you to eliminate:

  • exhausting shiny objects,
  • expensive marketing campaigns,
  • hiring mistakes,

...and provide a consistent and reliable profit stream—and create the impact that your soul is asking you to create.

Maybe you’re a “nobody” or even a “somebody” and you’re aspiring to be an impactful speaker, author and sought-after expert.

Maybe you’re thinking about creating a marketing strategy that brings in consistent profits, cultivates clients and creates raving fans.

Or maybe you have a 6- or 7-figure established business, and want more consistency and predictability— or want to go all in pursuing your soul calling or passion.

In any case, you’re in the right place.

We developed this membership because we saw so many people who are successful high 6, 7 & 8-figure entrepreneurs, but they are getting completely sidetracked.

This is the key most entrepreneurs don’t know:
What got you here won’t get you there.

The things you did to get you to 6 figures, aren’t the same things that will take you to 7 figures. And the stuff you do to get to 7 figures isn’t the same stuff you need to $3M, which is also not the same stuff you’ll need to do to get to $10M.

And, let’s remember that creating a huge impact also requires money.

If you want to create the reach— the kind of influence that transforms thousands or millions of lives, you’ll need to create material resources — and a great network (the ol’ “who you know” game).

The purpose of ReSOULutionists is to help you quickly overcome the slippery slope of being an entrepreneur so that you can experience what it feels like to have a firm grip on your business. AND— create a whole lot of book, podcast and joint venture opportunities when you rub shoulders with other soul-centered speakers, authors, experts and revolutionaries.

Let’s talk about the Logjam Problem

Hands down, this is the most important key to anyone’s growth as an entrepreneur. Logjams were very common in early American history. Literally, it’s when a bunch of logs floating down a river on its way from the lumberjacks, to the mills and factories processing the wood, get stuck on the river and jam together. Metaphorically, in business, it’s used to describe a blockage, deadlock or impasse. To fix the Logjam, if you can find the one log (the point of LEVERAGE) that caused the Logjam and remove it, everything breaks free and floats back down the river toward the mill for production.

So how do you solve the Logjam problem? That’s what we’ll talk about next.

When you know how to do this, you’ll never have to worry about marketing and sales, wearing too many hats or hiring the wrong people. The goal is to break you free of ineffective people and processes and get you on track towards creating a huge impact so that you can experience freedom in your life and business.

Anytime you’re trying to grow your impact, it’s inevitable you’ll hit roadblocks. Perhaps you’ve experienced them before.

Things like:

  • Underperforming team members
  • Missed deadlines and projects taking too long
  • Unhappy customers who aren’t feeling they got what you promised them
  • Not achieving the influence for your very important message

Or things below the surface, the Unseen Problems...

Here’s what we know to be true. If you’ve ever faced these before, you’re totally normal. But if you allow these to become your everyday truth, you’ll never achieve impact with your business.

But first, let's ask you something important.

  • Are you happy with your business as it is now?
  • Are you satisfied with how your business impacts your personal life?
  • Are you reaching enough people with your world-changing message?

Creating impact, no matter how big or small, is never easy.

It’s challenging to deal with people— your team and customers, not to mention changing government regulations with taxes and healthcare, making payroll, and ensuring marketing and sales are doing their job.

But worse, are the negative thoughts and doubts that begin creeping in. And if you’ve ever heard yourself saying “I don’t even want to go there…” “I feel like giving up.” or “I can’t do this…” It’s ok. That’s totally normal.

You might feel torn between work and play—the desire to improve the world and the desire to enjoy it. Guilt can creep in for not spending enough time with your loved ones—or not enough time on yourself at the gym or on your hobby—or even guilt for not getting enough work done. Basically, you don’t feel at peace—even if you’re supposed to be relaxing.

You might feel detached or even apathetic—like maybe you could just coast and take your foot off the gas— just to feel a little less burnout. Taking your foot off the gas might sound great, but there’s a time and a place to do it—and it’s not at the bottom of a hill!

You might be blaming a bad hire, a failed business partnership, the government, or lack of support at home—for feeling the way you do…. Punishing yourself that you should have known better, or should have seen it coming, or that you were too nice and let it go too far.

Or maybe it’s just so dang hard to get out of bed in the mornings, and you press snooze over and over...hoping it will all go away! With all that being said, there’s good news. You can change your situation. You are in complete control of your business, gaining traction with your message and creating a huge ripple effect.

Imaginehow it will feel to finally know that you’re impacting more lives and providing more value to the world.

Imagine having the know-how to create money on demand, deliver exceptional customer experiences—and still have a wonderful life yourself that you get to enjoy!

Imagine being connected to others who are on the same journey as you… all committed to achieving a level of business where you can make a true difference.

This is the opportunity that we have today as entrepreneurial leaders and it’s the reason that we are so passionate about this work.

This is the reason why we created ReSOULutionists.

So if plateaued and aren’t hitting your income goals, or you just aren’t sure where to get started with amplifying your impact, joining our community of ReSOULutionists can help.

What exactly is ReSOULutionists?

ReSOULutionists is the world’s best “masterclass meets mastermind” for entrepreneurs.

It’s unique and there’s nothing else out there like it!

It teaches you how to lead with your intuition and find the small hinges that swing big doors to create more influence and impact.

The "mastermind meets masterclass" focuses on:

An online community where you can share wins and challenges with other like-minded mastermind members

Virtual events via Zoom

Bonus in-person event when we can resume hosting large indoor gatherings

And a 24/7 portal to access masterclass content that is part of the ReSOULutionists membership on topics like:

  • Mindset (Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs)
  • Intuition (Leading with Intuition in Your Business to Accelerate Results)
  • Mission, Purpose & Philosophy
  • Visioning, Manifesting and Quantum Creation
  • Brand Strategy, Identity, Architecture and Positioning
  • Brand Archetypes, Brand Voice Stories & Messaging that Sells
  • Key Differentiators + Your Unique Perspective
  • Marketing Strategies and how to choose the ones that are uniquely aligned with you
  • Content + Social Media Strategy, including specific advice for each platform
  • Noble Cause - choose an Impact Model that aligns with your Brand, Mission and Goals
  • Time Management
  • Leadership, Team Building and Retaining Talent
  • Hiring Superstar Contractors or Employees— from VA’s or Creatives to Tech Geeks or Salespeople
  • Finding Points of Leverage in Your Business

Who is ReSOULutionists for?

Our members range from freelancers and start-ups to 6-figure businesses and high 7-figure businesses.

So if you're a soul-centered entrepreneur or intuition-led revolutionary, ReSOULutionists is for you.

What do we stand for?

This is our MANIFESTO:

Who is ReSOULutionists not for?

It’s not for anyone who just wants to “kind of” check things out.

You can’t “kind of” get to 6-, 7- or 8-figures.

Or “kind” of make a bold impact in the world with your message.

Getting these types of results takes a commitment to succeed.

Would you want to fly with a pilot who “kind of ” knew how to fly? Or would you rather have a pilot who committed to mastering the skills necessary to fly? It sounds like a silly example, but it’s a perfect analogy.

ReSOULutionists is for people who are committed to creating a huge impact and growing their businesses to the 6-, 7- or 8-figure mark.

If the commitment isn’t there, then this is not the right membership for you and I ask that you please do not sign up.

It’s also NOT for spectators, the chronically late, those with a scarcity mindset, those who can’t keep things confidential, gossips, the insincere, or people who are only about themselves, or hoard information. Our goal is to only work with people who are open, tolerant, kind, great communicators who listen, generous with their thoughts and ideas, celebrate others’ successes, exude joy, set goals and commit to them.

In fact, this is what we stand AGAINST:

  • We don’t dismiss, overcomplicate or skew God’s truths. We don’t take credit for His results either. (Yeahhh, that would be like claiming we can make grass grow without a little help from the Sun)
  • We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, doing what someone else is doing, or changing who we are to please others. Cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it.
  • We don’t adhere to the popular belief that showing a shiny and fake exterior is the way to get followers and sales, especially when the messages involve laptops on beaches and Lambos in driveways.
  • We don’t place limits on ourselves or others. We don’t restrict or judge information and viewpoints just because it might come from an unexpected source, as long as we’re in tune with the Spirit. Because otherwise that’s called tunnel vision.
  • We don’t put ourselves on pedestals and we don’t treat others as gurus. This sets ourselves (or others) up as a false light and exaggerates or diminishes our own power. (Pay attention to the man behind the curtain!)
  • We don’t endorse a neverending list of to-do items, hustling and grinding—nor do we only seek answers in the stillness without taking action. (If we hear “crush it” or “follow your bliss” one more time…)
  • We don’t adhere to secretive, limiting and complex ways of doing things, which are designed to impress, control, or create dependency. This can throttle progress, results, intention, healing, and other quantum results. Psst! The secret is there is no secret.
  • We don’t adhere to manipulative, forceful or boundary-crossing tactics, such as creating false scarcity, doing things without permission, or telling people what’s best for them. No need to perform any dark stealthy ‘ninja’ tricks to succeed.
  • We don’t blindly follow canned processes, fill-in-the-blank templates or always-been-done-this-way formulas as they can be out of alignment and lack connection to God, ourselves and others. It doesn’t matter how fast you go … or how slow. There’s no status quo.
  • We don’t work with people who undercut, undervalue, freeload, expect a “magic pill” or seek ways to escape the necessary internal and external work to create joy and success in life and business. Enough said!

What is the difference between the Masterclass and Mastermind portions?

The Masterclass portion of the membership with all of its materials, downloads and instruction is provided in a members-only website. You’ll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace. Each lesson is delivered in video, audio and text, which means you can learn however and whenever it’s convenient for you.

The Mastermind portion of the membership will be a combination of virtual events via Zoom and a messenger-based community forum where you can share successes and challenges and get immediate feedback from inside the Mastermind— this is when it starts feeling like a family.

What is the Investment?

And best of all... you'll be able to choose your investment level using your intuition. We won’t even give you a hint. How do you know you’re paying the right price? Notice how you feel with each price point. If you think of a number and you feel you’re taking advantage of us, or that you fear being a cheapskate, then the number is too low. If you feel the number is too expensive, then the number is too high. Find the number that feels right to you and invest in yourself.

What is the Time Commitment?

Time is the most valuable resource we have. So I can understand why you might be wondering if you have enough time to fully participate in ReSOULutionists and get everything you possibly can out of it.

The good news, once you apply and if your application is accepted, the Masterclass is available 24/7 after each lesson is released. So you’re able to learn when it’s most convenient for you. That means if something comes up and you miss a few days or even a couple of weeks, it’s not a problem. You just pick up where you left off.

As far as the actual time it will take you to go through the Masterclass materials or participate in the Mastermind, that really depends on you. How quickly you learn and network will vary from person to person. But in general, we see our members spending roughly 1-2 hours per week. The key however is that you intentionally schedule and time on your calendar and dedicate this time specifically for your personal and business growth.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

We know you’ll be delighted with ReSOULutionists. It’s a HUMONGOUS value and represents vast knowledge accumulated and proven in the real-world for the past 20 years helping entrepreneurs reach 7-figures and beyond, while making a bold impact, too. And if for some reason you’re not delighted with it, then you can cancel anytime.

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Who is Running ReSOULutionists?

Meet The Founders

As you look to make a decision, just know this…

At some point, you’re going to get fed up with being stuck where you are in your business (if you’re not already), and you’ll also get tired of being the smartest person in the room. You may start to feel a magnetic pull toward creating something larger than yourself—creating a true impact and honoring your divine identity and gifts.

It’s refreshing and inspiring it is to find a Mastermind where you can look to others who are smarter and more successful in different areas than you— who can listen empathetically and help you through your business challenges and hidden blocks so you can grow your impact. When you surround yourself with people who are like-minded and also better than you in various ways, it expands your mind of what’s possible.

The challenging part for most of us is that we try to manage all of this in addition to all the other responsibilities we have in our lives.

Life is an ongoing competition for your time and attention—and a competition that you rarely win.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Ask yourself this…

  • What is important in your life right now?
  • What do you want to achieve in the months ahead?
  • What goals do you have related to scaling to 7 or 8-figures hat keep getting pushed to the back burner?

You have an opportunity to do something about that right now. Today.

When you’re a leader of a company, it can get lonely at the top. And when you don’t have someone else to confide in (other than your spouse or partner), who can truly relate, it’s so alienating!

By contrast, it’s such an amazing feeling to have this extra wind in your sails with a mastermind, to feel like you're not alone, to feel like others are in the same boat, and you are all rowing towards similar goals. It’s like a second family. You celebrate each other’s professional (and personal) successes and have a shoulder to cry on when things don’t go as planned. It’s amazing to feel this level of support from people who you can truly admire.

ReSOULutionists is a MasterClass meets Mastermind that we know can transform your business.

So, if this resonates with you, then we invite you to say “yes”.

  • Yes to a 7 or 8-figure business.
  • Yes to money, freedom and time.
  • Yes to a supportive community of entrepreneurs who have your back.
  • Yes to creating a huge impact with your revolutionary message.

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***We recommend signing up for our Wait List if you're (even remotely) interested in this unique community!

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