Discover the Highest Expression of Your Brand & Message, So Your Business Can Amplify Its Impact

Goal: To discover the highest expression of your brand & business, so you can amplify the impact of your message.

When your identity is reinvented, it gives you a new “anchor point” from which to create everything in your business and personal life—messaging, positioning, books, podcasts, events, content, keynotes and more. This unique service helps you to discover who you are at a soul level—and reinvent your business and brand and align it with your soul identity.

Getting Started with your REJÜVENTION

After we make things “official” with this project, we will send you a copy of your REJÜVENTION Guidebook, which will help us to recalibrate, reformulate and rejuvenate specific areas of your business and brand. You’ll begin by answering some questions about YOU—who you are, what you do, what makes you unique, where you’ve been, where you’re going, who you enjoy serving—to create momentum prior to our first working session. Things like:

  • Personality Type
  • Current and Upcoming Projects
  • What works/doesn’t work in your current business
  • Business Philosophy
  • Sacred cows you (want to) kill with your beliefs and message
  • Business Vision - Your goals and the legacy you want to leave behind

In your answers, we are looking for patterns and themes that will help us uncover hidden brand “gold.”

We’ll also gather handwriting samples from you to help identify personality characteristics, strengths and beliefs hidden in your handwriting.

REJÜVENTION Session #1: The Deep Dive

On your first REJÜVENTION Zoom Session, you, Martina and Christie will be digging deep and placing your identity, brand and business through a metaphorical “wood chipper.” Nothing is off the table when it comes to refining and clarifying your brand and message.

We’ll identify potential ways to innovate and reposition. We’ll look at your target customers, any competitors, and any gaps in your market.

Where can we fine-tune? Where is the gold hiding? Together, we’ll find it.

We’ll also determine how to add new dimensions to your brand story—to underscore your expertise and connect with your intended audience—so your brand message shines even brighter than before.

Just like a piano has 88 keys, many brands are stuck playing around middle C—the same notes over and over (yawn). We’ll look at how you can play your entire keyboard —all 88 God-given keys to create dimensionality and harmony that attracts others to your instrument. We’ll widen our perspective, discuss how you want to be perceived and discover the song of your heart. We’ll innovate by tuning in and finding those pure tones that resonate with your audience—all calibrated to your uniqueness.

Like an iceberg, so many of us cannot see what makes us unique because the bulk of the substance is hiding beneath the surface. Think of Martina and Christie like a mirror—reflecting back who you are, what makes you unique and your 1% zone of genius (plus any hidden assets). This creates the groundwork upon which we’ll build in subsequent phases.

REJÜVENTION Session #2: The Wood Chipper

The “wood-chipper” process is a purification process that leads to the proper positioning.

To understand this, let’s talk about how rainbows are formed and seen in a brilliant horizon-spanning arc.

Rainbows form at 42°—and only 42°. At 39°, the rainbow isn’t visible. At 51°, it’s partially visible, but it quickly disappears. 42° is where the rainbow has its bold impact.

When you’re aligned to your 42°, something else special happens. The road you were headed towards—the path of Fate—diverges and creates a new path—the path of Destiny, which is aligned to your soul (your ideal future self or higher self). This Alignment accelerates you toward your soul purpose and mission. When aligned, you no longer feel like anything is missing or just out of reach. Instead, you feel fulfilled, whole, complete and in love with your life and business.

We’ll co-create an innovative, cohesive and calibrated foundational system that will inform all design, business, and marketing decisions—now and in the future.

In this session, we’ll begin to alchemize your uniqueness with your brand elements—and reformulate them in a totally new and unique way. We’ll start by focusing on the elements that need the most reinvention.

We’ll (re)define and articulate things like your vision, audience, mission, values, philosophy, personality, core messaging, brand story, brand voice, key differentiators, and your unique point-of-view when it comes to what you do. We’ll also discover your Thematic Throughline—the theme running through your life, mission, purpose and business.

We'll work to supercharge your brand's personality and tone, sharpen your value proposition and express the core vision, mission and brand values with clarity.

The goal is to provide you with a solid, strategic foundation upon which you can build your brand and a plan to move things forward towards a super-successful implementation.

In other words, your brand and voice is as unique as your fingerprint. In order for your brand to sound pitch perfect, you must document the blueprint of your brand and voice, so it can be replicated again and again by various team members in the future—it’s that important.

We’ll identify your best angle—literally and figuratively—while working on finding those unique points-of-view that will help you stand out, make your mark and leave a legacy.

REJÜVENTION Session #3: The Charted Course

Now that you’re aligned with your 42°, your brand is positioned distinctively and the facts are carefully culled and clarified, we’ll move on to pinning down your key messaging and creative visuals.

Martina and Christie will present you with a Mood Board that includes colors, fonts and visuals that express the uniqueness of you. This is a starting point and if you choose to move forward with the Brand Compendium, we’ll be pouring even more information into that document.

We’ll also discuss the highest and most aligned…

  • customers for you to work with…
  • marketing strategies for you to deploy…
  • your top 10 key differentiators to formulate a crystal clear message
  • ...and insights into your products and services.

A common thread we’ve seen among multi-passionate entrepreneurs is that they have a lot of creations. When this happens, they can have products and services that seem so different and unrelated that it creates confusion for the customer. This drags down the clarity of your message and hampers your ability to persuade potential customers (after all, a confused mind says no.)

When an entrepreneur becomes aligned and goes through this REJÜVENTION process, new connections between products and services can be seen clearly. This creates wholeness and unity among products and services and they can work together in an eco-system, rather than something that feels disjointed and separate.

Again, if there’s hidden gold in your business, we’ll find it.

What is the Investment + Timeline?

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If you desire additional support for breathing life into the unified brand vision to life, we can create additional projects tailored to your needs.

These additional options include:

  • Logo Design
  • Full Brand Identity
  • Content Planning
  • Photoshoot Planning + Styling
  • Brand Rollout + Launch Planning
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Advertising for List Building
  • Website Design
  • Technical Implementation

The investment for Additional Support is to be determined. During or after your REJÜVENTION, we can create a custom proposal, based upon your individual needs.


Get on the Wait List

If you're not ready to grab your spot for January yet, then we recommend signing up for our Wait List (even if you're only remotely interested in this unique service because spots fill up fast).

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