Based on your answers, here is your Intuitive Personality and what that means for you...

Below are the tendencies of the MIND Intuitive Personality

Keep in mind that this is your dominant Intuitive Personality. Everyone has all four Intuitive Personality elements, and the order varies from person to person. For example, one person’s order might be Mind (dominant) and then Sky, Heart, Earth and another person’s order might be Mind (dominant) and then Earth, Mind, Sky. These two people might look very similar to each other, yet there are nuances.

In general:

  • For a MIND Intuitive Personality, you’ll receive intuitive information by knowing things in your mind (without knowing how you know).
  • After having an intuitive experience, you will typically apply a testing process, find enough evidence for it to make sense, or learn to trust it.
  • When you make a decision, you like to find the basic truth or principle to be applied, analyze pros and cons, how it aligns with your personal belief system, and then be consistent and logical in deciding.
  • You try to be impersonal, so you won't let your personal wishes—or other people's wishes—influence you.
  • You look for a logical explanation or an organized solution to almost everything.
  • You can be seen as too task-oriented, uncaring, or indifferent.
  • Sometimes you can miss or don’t value the “people” part of a situation.
  • You value precision, honesty, truth, getting “to-the-point” and “saying what you mean.”
  • You express yourself in conversation in a very composed and clear manner.
  • You love to listen objectively and give advice.
  • You tend to be a life-long learner and read frequently.
  • You can get overwhelmed with excess emotion.
  • You tend to notice inconsistencies in others’ words, behaviors or in data.
  • You can enjoy technical or scientific fields where logic is important.
  • You’re driven toward analytical, logical and reasoning.
  • The verb that defines a Mind is to “THINK”.

A MIND Intuitive Personality also has a common block to their intuition.

They tend to be skeptical or closed off to experiences that don’t make sense. They can also doubt other people’s experiences and choose not to open up to their intuition. They can also get lost in trying to understand what they receive, instead of just trusting the intuitive process.

How Do I Apply This Information?

This probably all sounds great, and you may be wondering: “What do I do with this information?” It’s really very simple. When you can understand your Intuitive Personality, you can understand how you best receive intuitive information and become more fluent in your unique Intuitive Language and clear any intuitive blocks through practice and repetition. If you want to learn more about ALL FOUR Intuitive Personalities, learn what your secondary Intuitive Personality is, and how to apply this to your life (and business if you have one) and engage with others, join our Free Facebook Group here.

How to Train Your Intuitive Muscles & Strengthen Your Spiritual Gifts

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