Based on your answers, here is your Intuitive Personality and what that means for you...

Below are the tendencies of the Earth Intuitive Personality

Keep in mind that this is your dominant Intuitive Personality. Everyone has all four Intuitive Personality elements, and the order varies from person to person. For example, one person’s order might be Earth (dominant) and then Heart, Mind, Sky and another person’s order might be Earth (dominant) and then Mind, Heart, Sky. These two people might look very similar to each other, yet there are nuances.

In general:

  • For an EARTH Intuitive Personality, you’ll usually receive intuitive information through insights and direction during your regular day.
  • Your intuition works best when received during your routine and daily actions.
  • You may receive promptings without realizing it, and they seem more like instinct.
  • You trust intuitive experiences that are visible, tangible and from a trusted source.
  • You tend to focus on details first, rather than the big picture.
  • You can trust experience first, rather than words and images.
  • You can pay so much attention to facts, either present or past, that you can miss new possibilities.
  • You can be pragmatic and look to the "bottom line."
  • You tend to pay attention to physical reality—what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell.
  • You can be concerned with what is present, current, and real.
  • You can notice facts and remember details that are important.
  • You like to see the practical use of things and learn best when you see how to use what you’re learning.
  • Experience speaks to me louder than words.
  • You’re driven toward results, traditions, getting things done, routines and methodical systems.
  • The verb that defines an Earth is to “DO”.

An EARTH Intuitive Personality also has a common block to their intuition.

They tend to get caught up in the routine and tasks of their daily life and so the subtle intuitive messages can go unnoticed. They may feel like they cannot tap into their intuition or they doubt what does come to them through their intuition. They may even feel overwhelmed or become concerned if intuitive messages seem too weird or woo-woo.

How Do I Apply This Information?

This probably all sounds great, and you may be wondering: “What do I do with this information?” It’s really very simple. When you can understand your Intuitive Personality, you can understand how you best receive intuitive information and become more fluent in your unique Intuitive Language and clear any intuitive blocks through practice and repetition. If you want to learn more about ALL FOUR Intuitive Personalities, learn what your secondary Intuitive Personality is, and how to apply this to your life (and business if you have one) and engage with others, join our Free Facebook Group here.

How to Train Your Intuitive Muscles & Strengthen Your Spiritual Gifts

If you’re interested in learning how to train your intuitive muscles and strengthen your spiritual gifts, no matter what your intuitive strength level, then we invite you to join The Intuition Gym.  Similar to a physical gym, you’ll find the weekend warriors, the beginners, the gym rats, and the body builders. One thing’s for certain, we’re not taking gym selfies—no room for ego or comparisonitis here!  Each person is at a different point of their spiritual journey and so we’re all supportive of each other, regardless of where we are on our journey. 

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll also learn exercises to help you integrate your intuition into your business and marketing.

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