Intuitive Reading on the Jar

Did you guess correctly?

Gold Coins

The great thing about using our intuition is that we can pick up a whole lot of information that goes beyond the basic image. So instead of thinking you got it wrong, look for the ways you got it right! Look for all the impressions that would have led you to the correct answer.

For example:

  • Did you guess it was round?
  • Did you guess it was shiny?
  • Did you guess the texture?
  • Did you pick up on the significance or memories it holds?
  • Did you get the color correct?
  • Did you pick up on a location or anything it was near?

Here's a little about the box and the coins to see how you might have picked up on additional clues....

I don't remember where the box came from, but it typically holds safety pins in my top dresser drawer.

I emptied it and then looked for something to put inside. At first, I looked at my rock collection and wondered if I wanted to use one of my favorite stones.

Instead, I went back to my drawer and found a pill container that belonged to my Dad when he was alive. He was a collector of gold dollars and State quarters. This was filled with the Sacagawea gold coins. They bring me a lot of warm memories of him.


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